100% Made in India and funded in India Product.

NOQueue Features

As cafeterias resume operations after the COVID19 lockdown is relaxed, cafeterias will be a transmission risk where employees gather and queue up.

NO Queue App (Android and iOS) provides a tech solution at a very sustainable cost where,

Employees can browse through the menu, place orders and pay from the safety of their desks on the phone via App.

All digital payment options available

No Contact food ordering and delivery service

Companies can retain their own favorite vendors

Better User Experience

Extremely vendor friendly solution with real time payments and no commission charges

Simple to use, User friendly interface of the App.

Customer can add and save their own favorite combos for rapid checkout.

Get a pop-up when order gets ready. No standing in queues.

100% Made in India and funded in India Product.

  • Increases employee safety in cafeteria and office
  • Reduces employees non-productive times
  • Reduces crowds in cafeterias
  • Improves user experience and employee satisfaction
  • Reduces risk of transmission of transferable diseases
  • Create a mobile App platform to capture feedback, conduct surveys, push information
  • Aligns your company with Digital India Movement
  • Saves times, avoids queues, better user experience
  • Increases employee safety in cafeteria
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • Increased social distancing
  • Order from safety of your desk
  • Easy digital payment options
  • Create and Save your favorite combos for each vendor
  • Good Tech solution for cafeteria management
  • following savings can be achieved,
    • No Billing , No Cashier
    • Reduced Pilferage
    • No Payment Gateway Charges
    • No percentage of sale commission
    • No Op Expenses except subscription
    • You control your cafeterias
  • Depending on implementation, following improvements can be achieved,
    • Better Data Analytics and reports
    • Good advertising platform for your products
      • Shrink the menu. Push daily specials for more savings
    • Easy to use Admin Panel for quick changes and promotions
    • Better data management, order info
    • Customer and Vendor can create your own favorite combos
      • Customers will love this feature.
    • Good routing mechanism ( First Order in First Out)
      • Faster movement, lesser confusion for router

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